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New Products

Holo Sport Top

$25.00 Sale $20.00
Save: 20%
Featuring dreamy shiny holographic fabric, our Sport crop top looks amazing with anything high-waisted and especially paired with our sexy matching... more info

Holo Lounge Stripe Shorts

$29.00 Sale $23.20
Save: 20%
Our Bimbo range is for the girl who knows who she is and uses what she has to get what she wants. Made in our gorgeous shiny holographic fabric and... more info

Nicolette PVC Party Dress

$43.00 Sale $34.40
Save: 20%
Do you dare to wear? Now you too can look like 'a night devil' in this sexy and slutty pvc micro dress! Made from our high quality shiny pvc,... more info

6 inch Custom size Leather Lace-up Thigh Boots

$389.00 Sale $311.20
Save: 20%
Our amazing 6" real leather Thigh Boots are custom made to fit YOU! Now you can have thigh boots that go UP TO YOUR CROTCH! They are made in lovely... more info

Silicone Oral Gag with Straps

$36.00 Sale $28.80
Save: 20%
Look at those luscious lips with straps, waiting for someone to push something through them! This unique gag is perfect for those who love... more info

PVC Eyes & Mouth Hood with Bows

$27.00 Sale $21.60
Save: 20%
Our sexy Eyes and Mouth PVC Hood with Bows will be a great asset to your PVC wardrobe. She features two gorgeous matching bows on either side of the... more info

Plastic Dolly

$119.00 Sale $95.20
Save: 20%
So adorable and so feminine! You will love the look and feel of this gorgeous luxury babydoll! The cut of the babydoll is A-Line from above the bust,... more info

Aliane Thin PVC Suspender Belt

$36.00 Sale $28.80
Save: 20%
Sexy, provocative, and oh so very pleasing to the eye! Made in shiny PVC. The thin waist strap is held together at the back with hoot-and eyes, and... more info

Satin Cutie-Pie Petticoat

$77.00 Sale $61.60
Save: 20%
Our Satin Cutie-Pie Petticoat is not only made especially for our Prissy dress collection, but will be an asset to any sissy dress you have, she will... more info

2-Strap Ankle Pony Boots

$239.00 Sale $191.20
Save: 20%
Made in high quality shiny PU PVC (or real leather), with an additional optional inside leg lining down the top five inches of the inner boot. The... more info

Virgin Bride

$374.00 Sale $299.20
Save: 20%
Our pure virgin fantasy wedding dress! Every girls dream and fantasy is to be the perfect bride, and our virgin wedding dress will fulfill that! She... more info

PVC Ruffle Maid

$199.00 Sale $159.20
Save: 20%
Our PVC Ruffle Maid is created from best quality PVC. She is fitted to the bodice; with pleated, puff-ball shoulders, and a deep satin cuff that... more info

Agustina Lavender French Maid (Limited Edition)

$169.00 Sale $135.20
Save: 20%
This is a special Limited Edition of our Agustina maid that is made in shiny satin, and features a scoop neckline that is trimmed in dainty lace and... more info

Vallerie French Maid Uniform

$221.00 Sale $176.80
Save: 20%
Our Vallerie French Maid uniform features a beautiful neck line, which is trimmed all around in lace, and has a fixed rose bud and fixed hanging bow... more info

7 inch Maxi Bedheels

$89.00 Sale $71.20
Save: 20%
Hand-made in shiny PU to a luxury standard with an amazing 7" spike heel! These shoes are designed so extreme, they are NOT designed to walk in. They... more info

Long Leatherette Opera Gloves

$39.00 Sale $31.20
Save: 20%
Our sexy, long, black opera gloves are made of high quality leatherette. They are elasticated at the opening so they will stay put. These gloves are... more info

Katti Leatherette Basque

$116.00 Sale $92.80
Save: 20%
Made in high quality shiny leatherette, Katti features hot padded bra cups and 4 suspender clips. This very sexy dress is made in a basque-style to... more info

Elayne Corselette

$76.00 Sale $60.80
Save: 20%
Our Elayne Corselette is provocative and demands attention when worn, she features satin and lace covered padded breast cups, and satin hanging bow... more info

Zanny PVC Suspender Belt

$53.00 Sale $42.40
Save: 20%
This high-waist suspender is a must for every PVC lover and a wonderful asset to your PVC collection. Made in shiny, double-lined PVC, she features a... more info

Sweet Rose Sissy Dress

$262.00 Sale $209.60
Save: 20%
Sweet Rose has a satin, figure-hugging bodice, with her breast area featuring layers of sewn in pleats, and a large hand-made rose in the center. Her... more info

Joyce PVC Basque

$116.00 Sale $92.80
Save: 20%
Made in high quality shiny PVC, Joyce features sculptured bra wings. She comes with an amazing 10 wide suspender clips! So sexy! Please note Joyce is... more info

Chantal Sheer Seamed Stockings

$23.00 Sale $18.40
Save: 20%
If you are a lover of seamed stockings, then our hand-made sheer, soft-net stockings are just what you need to finish off any outfit! Our sheer,... more info

Stern PVC Suspender and Panties

$63.00 Sale $50.40
Save: 20%
Our PVC Stern Suspender Belt with clip-on PVC Panty is super strict looking with so much detail! She features a wide waist band that is beautifully... more info

Esta Padded Retro Bra

$54.00 Sale $43.20
Save: 20%
Our amazing Esta bra is made in shiny PVC and features padded cups with a horizontal center stitch seam. This 1940's retro-style bra gives your bust... more info