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New Products

Xara Maid (long sleeves, high neck)

$146.00 Sale $131.40
Save: 10%
Our ultra-sexy satin French Maid's uniform in amazing purple and black! Made from super-shiny purple satin, with an elastic waist and lashings of... more info

PVC Susanna Maid

$249.00 Sale $224.10
Save: 10%
Made in high quality shiny PVC, our spectacular Susanna PVC French maids uniform is sure to impress! She has a stand up collar with metal rings at... more info

Tessiya 6 Y-Strap Suspender Belt

$49.00 Sale $44.10
Save: 10%
Achieve the 1950s silhouette with our stunning vintage style suspender belt in a range of hot fabrics. With a choice of Shiny LeatherLook, shiny... more info

Gabbie Party Dress

$61.00 Sale $54.90
Save: 10%
Gabbi is made in our Shiny Leatherlook material and features a short stand-up Mandarin collar and short cap sleeves. The dress is form-fitting in the... more info

Abelia Holographic French Maid Uniform

$152.30 Sale $137.07
Save: 10%
Our Abelia Holographic French Maid Uniform is so adorable and cute, and with so much detail she will be a joy to wear! She is made in the very best... more info

Glass-silk Sissy Dolly

$148.88 Sale $133.99
Save: 10%
Our Glass-silk Sissy Dolly babydoll is made from high quality, shiny glass silk with so much detail, she is so adorably feminine! You will love the... more info

Prissy Bra

$44.00 Sale $39.60
Save: 10%
No sweet prissy girl would mind being forced into this! Made from stunning shiny satin and glass-silk, she features a flattering plunge neckline that... more info

Satin Beluka Pleated Blouse

$81.25 Sale $73.13
Save: 10%
Become a really sexy siren when you wear our stunning Satin Beluka Pleated Blouse. Made in shiny satin she has a flattering neck-line that is trimmed... more info

Trainer Bib with Lockable Collar

$52.00 Sale $46.80
Save: 10%
Made in beautiful shiny satin, our Trainer bib is made of TWO parts: a wonderful satin bib with satin collar, and a seaprate PVC Collar that attaches... more info

Sizzling Leatherette Hotpants

$34.61 Sale $31.15
Save: 10%
Our Sizzling Hotpants are made from super-shiny leatherette, with a fabulous stretch, that clings to your body like a second skin! These gorgeous... more info

Boss Bitch Skirt

$59.99 Sale $53.99
Save: 10%
Made from high quality, super-shiny spandex satin, our tight Boss Bitch skirt is pure sizzle! The design ensures a snug fit with plenty of shine to... more info

Satin Temptress Blouse

$61.56 Sale $55.41
Save: 10%
Sexy and so alluring, eyes will pop and jaws will drop when you wear her! Temptress is made in beautiful shiny satin, and she features a stunning... more info

Xara Satin French Maid

$129.00 Sale $116.10
Save: 10%
Our classic, ultra-sexy satin French Maid's uniform in amazing purple and black! Made from super-shiny purple satin, with an elastic waist and... more info

Satin high-waist Strap Skirt

$47.38 Sale $42.64
Save: 10%
She is so cute and cheeky, that every man's jaw will drop to the floor! Plus of course, every girl who sees you in it will be green with envy! Made... more info

6 inch Custom size PVC Thigh Boots

Our amazing 6" PVC Thigh Boots are custom made to fit YOU! Now you can have thigh boots that go UP TO YOUR CROTCH! They are made in very shiny PVC,... more info

Beatrice Plastic Panties

$37.00 Sale $33.30
Save: 10%
A beautiful ABDL sissy pantie that will take your breath away! A perfect panty to wear over a diaper or even worn on their own under your favorite... more info

Pansie Playsuit

$89.00 Sale $80.10
Save: 10%
Our adult baby Pansie Playsuit is so cute! Made from high quality shiny soft satin, the bib front has three pretty fixed bows at the front, starting... more info

Kimi PVC Mini Dress

$79.00 Sale $71.10
Save: 10%
Made in shiny PVC, this cute little number will make eyes pop when you wear her. Kimi is made in shiny PVC and features a scooped neck-line that is... more info

Natalia Bra

$42.00 Sale $37.80
Save: 10%
Our amazing Esta bra is made in shiny PVC (or Fake leather or Holographic fabric) and features padded cups with a horizontal center stitch seam. This... more info

Charleen PVC Camislip

$81.00 Sale $72.90
Save: 10%
Our stunning Charleen Cami slip is made in soft shiny PVC (or SlipperyPlastic) and dazzles to impress! Her adjustable satin shoulder straps make for... more info

Satin Spandex Luxury Catsuit

$119.00 Sale $107.10
Save: 10%
This sexy spandex satin catsuit will show off your curves to the max! Made in our gorgeous shiny soft spandex satin. Our luxury catsuit features a... more info

Isabella Long Sissy Dress

$257.92 Sale $232.13
Save: 10%
This long version of our pretty satin Isabella dress features elasticated buff-ball sleeves that are trimmed with lace. The front panel is in satin... more info

Evie Holographic Zipper Top

$45.00 Sale $40.50
Save: 10%
Made in shiny holographic fabric, Evie features a front zipper. Evie has elasticated adjustable shoulder straps which make for a perfect fit, and she... more info

Satin Long Skirt with Lace

$83.03 Sale $74.73
Save: 10%
A real luxury item! Such a sweet long satin skirt, trimmed at the bottom with gorgeous lace and ribbons. The gorgeous high-waist and styling makes... more info